An Applied Energy Philosophy For A Wonderous Life

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7 Day Transformational Container

This is an all in, conversational style, way to initiate a transformational process and allow it to go where it needs without skipping a beat.


Things begin to shift quickly as the filters that slow down and dilute your experience start falling away. The conversational style of these sessions keep the awareness current and allow for maximum growth.

This Practice Changes Everything.

PresenceManifest is a practice of destruction. As we destroy cognitive and emotional filters in any area of your life, your whole life becomes more clear and intimate.

You Can Not Cherry Pick Which Part of Your Life Will Be MOre Present

All of your life will be less diluted, more crisp, less habitual, more creative, less predictable, and more aligned with your soul. This IS learning to step off your very personalized hamster wheel.

Are Triggers Even Real?

The commonly accepted definition of a trigger can be misleading. It is my experience that everything we can experience is a trigger until it becomes wisdom....and it becomes wisdom by choice.

Nostalgia is the death of presence

Your best experiences are equally as influential, and limiting, to your current life choices as your worst experiences are. Your life creates itself between these bookends until you free your mind to explore possibility beyond them.

Why Bother Getting Present With Your Life?

What People Are Saying

My PresenceManifest session with Joie was life changing. She created a safe a comfortable space where I was able to let go of old ways of being, thought patterns, and agreements I had made with myself, that were no longer serving me or my highest good. She kept things simple and clear. After our session I immediately felt lighter and happier. The healing that was initiated during our session has been lasting. I have continued to move forward, from that point in time, in a positive direction. I am so grateful for my time with Joie!

Jennifer Lahtinen

“I appreciate Joie’s gifts as multi-dimensional clarity about my life, equanimity, and the human condition. She helped me to see the patterns and open loops of disempowerment I was unconsciously running, and close them with love and grace. I have become ever more available to be present with the moment and focused on the path ahead as ar esult of our work!! I highly recommend you invite her into your world ❤

Blake Zealear

It’s still not anything I can define. I only know it feels better. It doesn’t matter anymore, the outcome. It’s really weird being present and I feel better. Not a glamorous way to describe PresenceManifest, but the record player now is not playing over and over and over. That was actually a torture come to think of it. So , yeah, the torture has stopped. Now comes the healing. I met you when I was under water. I’m on dry land now.

Serena X.

“Presence Manifest is detailed overview on the fundamental nature of our relationship with the quantum nature of reality, allowing one to grasp the principles that govern and orientate what we as humans have defined as an “experience” in the flow of creation known as life, so that we may take full responsibility for our selves and thus co-create more harmoniously with the divine order by bringing forth new ways of being.”

Robert John Malone


  • More Wisdom

  • More Faith In Your Decisions

  • More Wonder & Possibility
  • More Clear Holdable Boundaries

  • More Creativity
  • Less Emotionally Manipulated
  • Less Triggered
  • Less Habitual Tendencies
  • Less Drama

  • Less Codependence


Letting GO of the past 100%
Having A Predertmined Outcome 3%
Taking The First Step 50%
Embracing The Mystery 100%
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Joie Costa

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